leaving colorful colorado

leaving colorful colorado

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why did we move?

Ok people, I know I have a terribly history with blogging, but I'm going to give it another try. ; )
Elle and I are going to miss our family and friends more than we know, and I really want you to feel like you're still part of our lives even though we're now in California.
I realize that I may need to fill is some blanks for some of you. I am frequently asked why I decided to relocate my small family to Riverside, California when our extended family is in Colorado. Well, that's not an easy one to answer! : ) I guess the simple answer is that I was given a great job here, but we all know that work is just one piece of that big pie called, "Life." The story makes a bit more sense if you back up a year.
When Elle turned a year old, I started to look for full time work. Living with my parents wasn't a bad situation at all. I had two people to help take care of Elle, my Mommy made me dinner most nights, and because they let us stay in their home I was able to work part time and stay home with my baby for the first two years. However, life must go on and it was time to go back to work full time and find a new home for Elle and I. I looked for a job in Colorado for a year, but didn't have any luck. I have been working in a hospital for the past year and a half, and really wanted to get back into outpatient work. Sadly, I did not find a job in the location I wanted, and had to face the reality that I may have to expand my job search. This was a reality that was met with disappointment and resistance, but eventually made me realize what I was really looking for in a home.
1. A church, a community, and friends to share life with.
2. The opportunity to partner with people who are passionate about human trafficking, and/or foster care.
3. The ability to be financially independent and responsible.
So there it is. Those are the reasons Elle and I are here in California, and not in Colorado. I knew that Riverside was the only other place I could have all three besides Colorado. I have a great church here, with the ministry opportunities that have been nagging at my heart. I have some AMAZING friends who have been so loving and supportive over the past four years. And, I was offered a great position with Kaiser in the area of nutrition that I wanted to be in.
I know this is going to be a tough transition for us. My mom and dad have been so generous and drove with us here, but are leaving on Monday. I'm excited for a day at the beach with Nanny and Papa tomorrow, but honestly nervous for the "goodbye." That's going to be a hard one.
It's getting late for this girl who's still stuck in Mountain Standard Time, so I'm signing off.
Much love to you out there.

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  1. Dear Janey, i look forward to following your journey in blogland. I am so excited to hear about your heart for kids in various difficult situations. ((hug)) Wish we lived closer, it would be wonderful to make meals together, sit on the beach with our kids together, and talk about where we want to be, and where we are in life. :)

    God bless you sweetie!! from susan