leaving colorful colorado

leaving colorful colorado

Sunday, July 31, 2011

First trip to Laguna Beach!

The last time I was at Laguna Beach I was 41 weeks pregnant and being induced the next day. The last few hours before becoming a mommy I soaked in some sun and reveled in the beauty. It was fabulous. But this trip was way more fun! : )
Elle LOVED it. As we ventured towards the waves, I didn't anticipate that Elle would run towards them and get super excited about being drenched with cold water. We started in a sun dress that got soaked from the waist down. Then I put her in her swim suit and soon after, she was dripping wet and full of sand from head to toe.


  1. I was on the beach in Dubai yesterday ... and they had no one that cute on the beach!!! (James was in the car ...!)She looks like she is a party just waiting for a location! I can't wait to see you both in October, 'Pickle!'